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Mozart Hotel Group is a collection of properties welcoming guests in European cities world-famous for their ancient and rich history. The hotel buildings are architectural masterpieces, associated with various historical moments and eras Here are a few historical facts about some of our Hotels:

  • The old part of Hotel President (Budapest) was built in the XIXth century as a commercial apartment building with a Jewish bath
  • Hotel Bellevue (Vienna) is an old Viennese hotel built by Wilhelm Stiassny in 1873 for the opening of the world exhibition
  • The exact date, when Schloss Weikersdorf (Baden) was built is unknown. The history dates us back to the XVIth century. From 1692 the building was baroqueized, more renovations were made during the period 1859-1860
  • Hotel International (Prague) is constructed in the socialist realism style and was recognized on the list of Czech cultural monuments on 4 July 2000. Construction of the hotel took place from 1952 to 1957 by the idea of Alexej Čepička
  • The original building of Mozart Hotel (Odessa) was constructed in 1794 and had some renovations at the end of the XIXth century. During the nazi invasion in World War II, the building was ruined and due to its condition demolished in 1949. In 2002, the complete rehabilitation of the building was restored by the old photographs and drawings of the hotel building of the XIXth century
  • Hotel Tsentralnaya (Odessa) is one of the oldest in Odessa and the only city hotel with over 130 years of history, moreover, the hotel has never changed its name. It was created by the famous architect Gonsiorovskiy in 1874.

You will hear even more interesting details once you unlock our hotel collection. 

HC Odessa

HC Odessa Odessa, Ukraine

HC Odessa
Odessa, Ukraine
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