Terms and conditions




1. General terms and conditions

MOZART HOTEL GROUP launches a Loyalty Program (the Program) which is run by President Management kft. (the Administrator). The Program is designed to enable its members to enjoy various privileges (as described below) during their stay at hotels of MOZART HOTEL GROUP (MHG). The list of the hotels which are participating in the Program you may find in Section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions.

Only individuals who are legally considered to be an adult in their country of residence and if allowed by law may participate in the Program and become its members.

Legal entities, corporations, associations are not permitted to participate in the Program. Participation of legal entities in the Loyalty Program is available under a separate agreement. Please contact the local General Manager of the Hotel for discussion of individual terms and conditions for your organization.

The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as the Administrator decides to terminate the Program, at any time, with or without notice. Members will have twelve (12) months from the date Program termination is announced to accumulate/redeem the Bonuses. This means that, regardless of the amount of accumulated Bonuses, your right to accumulate and redeem the Bonuses can be terminated by the Administrator twelve months after MHG announces termination of the Program.

The Administrator has the right to revise, modify or otherwise change the terms and conditions, procedures, benefits, or Bonuses accumulation system of the Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice. The Administrator has right to make changes that affect, but are not limited to, hotels which are participating in the Program, rules of accumulation of the Bonuses, redeeming the Bonuses, rules and procedures of the Bonuses usage and the features of exclusive offers.


2. Definitions

Bonuses: Units generated or earned by a Member and that the Member may redeem for Benefits at the hotels of MHG.

Benefits: Any service, reward or product obtained using the Bonuses collected by the Member.

Adjustment: Bonuses credited following a claim by the Member or an error on the part of the Program.

Check-in: Date of arrival at the Hotel.

Check-out: Date of departure from the Hotel.

Extraordinary Demand Dates: dates which are determined by the hotels of MHG, in their sole discretion, that are consistently popular reservation dates for guests, such as during major events in the area or New Year's Eve.

Guest: Individual (not a Member of the Program) using MHG hotel room for an overnight stay or for day use purposes.

Member: Guest who has accepted the Loyalty Program’s General Terms and Conditions.

Transaction: Crediting Bonuses to or debiting them from a Member's account.


3. Hotel participating in the program

The Hotels participating in the Loyalty Program are listed on the website of MHG. Currently these hotels are:

  • Hotel Bellevue, Vienna, Austria
  • Hotel President, Budapest, Hungary
  • Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf, Baden, Austria
  • Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Hotel Arcadia, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Hotel Complex, Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Hotel Mozart, Odessa, Ukraine

When a hotel joins MHG or enrolls in the Program as a participating hotel, Members will only be able to earn Bonuses and enjoy other Program-related benefits on eligible stays completed at the hotel in question subsequent to this event.


4. Program membership

4.1. Conditions of Membership

The Program is open only to individuals who are legally considered to be an adult in their country of residence and if allowed by law may participate in the Program and become its members.

Program membership is free of charge.

Members of the Loyalty Program are provided with a Bonus Account which is available online. MHG Bonus Account is nominative and strictly personal. It cannot be sold, loaned or transferred.

Member’s name, individual identification number and expiry date of the credited Bonuses are available in Personal Account on the website of MHG.

There is only one assigned Personal Account for each Member. Membership may be used only by the Member who has been assigned to the Membership.

A valid e-mail address is required to join the Program. It is not allowed to use one e-mail address for two or more Members. By joining the Program, the Member agrees to receive e-mail communications relating to the operation of, and services offered by, the Program, including information messages, Bonuses statements, and information regarding the operation of the Member's account from MHG.

If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, which is considered essential to Program operation, the Member shall follow the Program termination procedure set forth in Section 10 or simply unsubscribe from the e-mail communications by clicking the link in the end of the letter.

Members accept that the Program may be modified, totally or partially, at any time. Within a reasonable period of time before their application, Members will be notified of any changes made to the Program that may substantially modify their rights and obligations relating to the Program, particularly through information posted on the website of MHG and/or via e-mail communication.

The Member must not disclose his/her Personal account password to any other party. The Member accepts responsibility for all Bonuses operations to and from his/her Personal Account.

4.2. Registering as a Member

A Guest may join the Loyalty Program in any of the following ways:

- During his/her stay at a hotel by filling a special registration form at the reception-desk;

- By registering online at any of the website of MHG hotels.

Confirmation of registration shall be made by following the link in the welcome email from MHG. The Customer shall provide the required and obligatory elements when applying for a membership in the Loyalty Program. These elements are e-mail address, name, phone number.

New Members are obliged to accept the Program’s General Terms and Conditions, either online or at the reception of the Hotel, depending on conditions for joining.

Once accepted, the Member will benefit fully from all Program services, including access to the different functions of the website of MHG website (such as accessing Bonuses, checking Personal account, redeeming Bonuses, etc.).

4.3. Personal Account

Using their Personal Account, Members can:

  • View available Bonuses, reservation history.
  • Be recognized on the websites of hotels of MHG. Please read the Cookies Policy to get the information about the technologies we use at the websites of MHG.
  • Enter accommodation preferences, personal preferences, and favorite hotels and destinations.
  • View reservation history and modify current reservations, if necessary.
  • Take part in the lotteries and competitions.
  • Subscribe to exclusive offers and other newsletters from MHG.


5. Use of membership number/card

In order to enjoy the various Benefits of the Program, Members must provide their loyalty number/card whenever they wish to take advantage of one of the services available and/or present their loyalty number/card when checking into a hotel.

Also it is possible to Members to be authorized as a participant of the Loyalty Program by notification of reception desk at the moment of check-in by providing the necessary Identification documents.

Members who do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be authorized to take advantage of the Program Bonuses and other Benefits.

In case of loss or theft of the Membership card, the Member must notify the Administrator or any other Hotel of the MHG.

Any breach by a Member of these Terms and conditions, abusive or fraudulent use of the membership or Bonuses, communication of falsified information and/or detrimental or objectionable behavior (in particular, regrettable, malicious or insulting behavior towards hotel staff or customers) may result – at the sole discretion of the Administrator – in the temporary suspension of the Member’s Program membership or termination of membership without notice or compensation and cancellation of any Bonuses earned by the Member with his/her card, as per the terms stipulated in Section 10. This suspension or termination shall be without prejudice to the Administrator’s right to take action with respect to a Member.


6. Earning bonuses

When a Member makes an eligible stay at one of the hotels of MHG and this stay includes at least one paid night that the Member actually spends at the hotel, the Member's account is credited with Bonuses corresponding to the amount paid for the hotel services at the websites of MHG hotels.

For crediting Bonuses, the amount paid in local currency outside the euro zone will be converted to Euros at the moment of Check-out from the Hotel. The exchange rate applied by the hotel at Check-out is an official exchange of the national bank of the country where the Hotel is located.

Bonuses are strictly personal and may not be transferred to another Member.

Bonuses do not constitute a means of payment and have no monetary value. No money shall be provided for lost or unused Bonuses.

Should the Guest register as the Member of the Loyalty Program no later than 7 days after check-out, the Administrator undertakes to award Bonuses for the stay in case all other Loyalty Program requirements are respected.

6.1. Reservation channels eligible for Bonuses.

Qualification for earning Bonuses requires a confirmed reservation made through one of the following channels:

  • an official direct MHG hotel website (the list is presented in Article 3);
  • a MHG Reservations Office - through the hotel phone line or email;
  • directly at the reception of one of the MHG hotels;

6.2. Eligible booking rates for accumulating Bonuses.

Only stays booked at an eligible rate enable crediting of Bonuses from the Loyalty Program.

Eligible booking rates include all public and promotional rates, except for the following:

  • Room rates for group bookings when the rooms are invoiced to and paid for globally by the Organizer;
  • Discounted Rates;
  • Special Rates proposed to employees of partner companies (travel, tourism, etc.);
  • Contracted Room rates for crew members (airline, shipping or other).
  • Rates for MHG Hotels employees;
  • Tour operator rates, wholesale/tour operator packages;
  • Travel agency discount rates;
  • Third party websites bookings (irrespective of rate paid) Вроде хотели оставить букинг и другие сайты?

6.3. Eligible expenses.

Only the following expenses are eligible to earn Bonuses and only if they are paid for by a Member who is actually staying at the hotel:

  • Expenses for Member accommodation and, if applicable, for one other room at the same hotel on the same date (for a maximum of two invoiced rooms), provided that (i) the Member is staying in one of these rooms and that (ii) the second room is not occupied by another Member; if the Member books two rooms, Bonuses are earned for both rooms.
  • Services in addition to hotel accommodations, namely: hotel restaurant, hotel bar, minibar, parking, guest laundry, spa at the hotel Schloss Weikersdorf.
  • Bonuses are calculated on the basis of the total invoice for eligible expenses, excluding tax. The invoice must be settled in full, in other words, the payment must have been accepted and confirmed by the hotel. In the event of full or partial default in the payment of an invoice, and notably if the Member stops the payment of a bill, or disputes a bank card payment, he/she will not receive any Bonuses for the transaction in question.
  • The following expenditures do not qualify for earning Bonuses:
  • additional expenditures incurred as part of a non-eligible stay (even if settled at the hotel);
  • taxes (notably VAT), tips, taxis, transfers to/from the hotel, service charges and other applicable charges;
  • advances;
  • expenses incurred as part of organizing a company seminar, banquet or any other event – including private events – settled globally by the Member;
  • all charges and expenses which are not specifically listed as eligible expenditures.

6.4. Rewards Bonuses Scale.

The Loyalty Program offers for its Members the following scale for earning Bonuses: for every 10 Euro in eligible expenses a Member spends, he/she will receive 1 reward Bonus.

6.5. Special offers and promotional operations.

Members may also earn Bonuses in the context of special offers or promotional operations organized by the Program. In this context, earning Bonuses depends on meeting specific conditions that apply to each offer or operation and that are communicated to Members.

6.6. Validity of Bonuses.

Received Bonuses are valid for 365 days from the date of the event that generated their credit. When Bonuses are earned following a stay at a Participating Hotel, that date is considered to be the date of Check-out.

The validity of Bonuses collected by a Member is extended by 365 days each time the Member stays at a Participating Hotel that is eligible for earning Bonuses.

If the Member does not stay at a Participating Hotel that allows earning Bonuses during a period of 365 consecutive days, all the Bonuses in his/her account, whatever their origin, will be lost without prior notice, without being able to restore or transfer these Bonuses.


7. Benefits and services offered to members

In addition to receiving Bonuses, Members enjoy other status-related benefits.

Only the Member is entitled to the benefits associated with the membership card.

These benefits are described more fully in the MHG Bonus section and in Personal Account on the website.


8. Redeeming bonuses

Members can use their Bonuses to obtain Benefits, which notably include:

  • the opportunity to pay less for an eligible stay in a participating hotel;
  • gifts, compliments, special prices for Program Members

The use of Bonuses to obtain a reduction on the amount of the invoice issued for an eligible stay at a participating hotel is subject to compliance with the following rules:

  • 1 Bonus is equal to 1 Euro;
  • all reservations and expenses deemed eligible as per these Terms and Conditions, may be paid up to 50% with Bonuses;
  • Booking a room by Bonuses does not apply to any hotel during Extraordinary Demand Dates.
  • Bonuses can only be used for reservations at the websites of participating hotels which are stated in section 3 of these Terms and Conditions or by booking directly with a participating hotel. Bonuses may also be used directly at the reception desk of a participating hotel during an eligible stay;
  • Reservations at a rate which is subject to prepayment (where cancellations and changes are not permitted) cannot be made using only Bonuses and must include a part paid by credit or debit card;
  • Bonuses may be used directly at the hotel at any point during a stay, between the Member’s Check-in and Check-out. The Member’s presence at the hotel and the presentation of the Member’s card are obligatory;
  • When reservations or expenses are partially paid for with Bonuses, bonuses will be earned on the portion that was not paid for with Bonuses;


9. Member account issues

9.1. Claims within the participating hotel.

If the Member notes that his/her Bonuses were not credited as expected after a minimum of seven days following the Member’s stay at a participating hotel, the Member may submit a claim for Bonuses adjustment within three months following the stay in question (based on the Check-out date). To do this, the Member must fill out the claim in the Member’s Personal Account on website of MHG.

For the claim to be processed, the Member must attach a copy of the paid invoice from the relevant hotel. Only the document printed by the hotel is acceptable and must be established in the name of the Member making a claim.

Once a claim is proved to be justified, the correct amount of Bonuses will be credited to the Member’s account within 14 working days.


10. Suspension or termination terms and procedures

10.1. Termination by the Member.

The Member may decide to withdraw from the Program at any time. The Member may terminate his/her membership by sending an e-mail to the Administrator stating that he/she wishes to terminate his/her membership to info@mozart-group.com or through Personal Account on the website of MHG.

10.2. Suspension or termination by the Administrator.

Any breach of the Terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program by a Member using the membership card may, at the Program Administrator's discretion:

- lead to the temporary suspension of the individual's membership for a period to be decided by the Program Administrator, which cannot exceed three (3) months (the 'Suspension Period');

- be sanctioned by the termination of the membership, that is, the immediate cancellation of the card, its benefits, the closure of the account and the cancellation of the Bonuses earned, without any claim for compensation by the Member, for whatever reason.

10.3 Effects of suspension or termination.

During the Suspension Period, the Member may not redeem his/her Bonuses according to the General terms and conditions.

During the Suspension Period, and no later than the expiry date of the Suspension Period, the Program Administrator may decide to:

  • lift the suspension, in which case the Member can take advantage of the benefits and services available to Members and redeem his/her Bonuses once again;
  • order the termination of the membership.

When membership is terminated, the Member shall be completely removed from the Loyalty Program and all relations between the Administrator and the Member shall be irrevocably ended. This removal also results in the deletion of all Bonuses accumulated at the date of termination.


11. Program communications

Members may access all information regarding their membership in the Loyalty Program (including their Bonuses balance and the operation of their account) via their personal account on the MHG website. Members by becoming a Member of the Program, agree to receive e-mail communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Program (messages, Bonuses statements, etc.).

Any Member who joins the Program further agrees to receive commercial information by email from the Program, including promotions for Members only. If the Member no longer wishes to receive commercial communications by email, he/she may unsubscribe at any time from these commercial offers by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the email or via his/her personal account. This action has no effect on his/her membership.

The Member must notify the Program of any change of email or postal address, name, or any other relevant information via his/her personal account or Client service.


12. Protection of personal data

Personal information regarding the Member collected at the time of subscription or during his/her membership in the Loyalty Program is processed by President Management kft. as data controller, for the purposes corresponding to the execution of the Program Terms and Conditions and, based on legitimate interest, for marketing activities (including targeted marketing campaigns).

The information is disclosed to MHG legal entities (hotel operating companies) and their service providers. The data may also be disclosed to the contracting partners in order for the member to take full advantage of these partners’ offers in accordance with the terms of Privacy Policy. The data may be transferred to countries which might not ensure an adequate level of protection. Therefore, appropriate and suitable safeguards are provided and you can request to obtain a copy of it.

Administrator also processes personal data, based on its legitimate interest, to detect and manage anomalies, notably fraud, which may occur when a Member joins the Loyalty Program or when earning or using Bonuses. The data collected in this context is for authorised staff at President Management kft., its services providers and, if necessary, loyalty program Partners and the manager of the hotel concerned by the anomaly. Members are informed by post of any anomalies related to them.

By writing to info@mozart-group.com, you have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, or restriction of processing, or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


13. Acceptance of general conditions of program use, settlement of litigation and applicable law

Joining the Program implies acceptance without reserve by Members of the General Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty Program. These General Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any previous text.

In case of dispute between a Member and Administrator concerning the General Terms and Conditions of the Program, the Member is hereby informed that he or she may submit an application online through the personal account.

The General terms and conditions of the Program are governed by Hungarian law and general principles of the EU, without obstructing the mandatory protective provisions that may apply in the consumer's home country.


14. Additional information

Additional information and details regarding the Loyalty Program, and notably the additional services provided by each Participating Hotel and the benefits offered by MHG Hotels, are available on the website of MOZART HOTEL GROUP.

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